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Hamilton Roach - General Manager


A very warm welcome to FundAccess! Since opening our doors in 1998 we have been at the forefront of efforts to develop the micro buisness sector in Barbados. We’re pleased to have been committed over these last 14 years to helping people of all walks of life realise their dreams of starting up and operating their own businesses.

Today, we continue to promote the economic development of our country by providing entrepreneurs with financing to help get their dreams off the ground and creating numerous job opportunities in the process. Beyond financial assistance, our clients laud our Technical Assistance and Business Development programmes as offering of real access to assistance in the areas of accounting, marketing and micro enterprise and other business training, among other services.

This redeveloped website is an important element in our approach to supporting our clients. Aside from providing one-stop access to information on our services, it offers links to information and other websites of use to business owners, as well as news and interesting feature articles on thriving businesses among our clients.

We welcome your comments and look forward to your submissions.


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